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The Komatsu Family

family portrait
(L-R): Ikko, Mika, Hiroji, Genta, Suzuko
Ikko Komatsu Mika Komatsu Hiroji Komatsu Genta Komatsu Suzuko Komatsu

Genta Komatsu was born in Hadano, Japan in 1938; the son of Goro Komatsu and Hisako (Sato.) The family emigrated to San Francisco in 1952 after the war. Genta became a U.S. citizen in 1960 and attended the University of San Francisco, receiving a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering. In 1966 he met and married Mika (Aoki), daughter of Yori and Marie Aoki. Mika was a registered nurse and worked at several hospitals in the Bay Area.

Genta passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2011 and is survived by his brother Michi, wife Mika, son Ikko, daughter-in-law Suzuko, and grandson Hiroji. Mika lives in retirement in Phoenix near her family and her energetic grandson.